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Valentine's Day

Limited time edition Valentine's Gift

Show your loved ones how much you care this Valentine's day with our heart shaped tealight mini-collection. A perfect natural and sustainable gift for a lover, family, or friend.

Burn time for tealights is around 4-5 hours, no scents or perfumes added; simply the warm aroma of honey and beeswax.

Pillar Candles

Customer Reviews

"Lighting the aromatherapy jar candle in lavender is like entering a spa. I was first introduced to these candles as a gift from a dear friend and I have stocked up since! The lavender scent is herbal and so soothing. I have even lit it in the middle of a workday to bring a sense of calm. The jars are beautiful and bring a simple beauty wherever they are in my home (I keep them in several places!). These Wicked Bee candles will forever be a staple in my home!"


"Thanks so much for such a high-quality product!! I love these products and am so thrilled that you are a local business"


"I love the wicked bee candles have been purchasing them for years. Use the tealights in my coffee warmer - excellent job. Thank you"


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