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Honeybees on the honeycomb frame


The Environmental Impact of Our Products

candles wrapped in protective wrap

At The Wicked Bee, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability by sourcing our beeswax from Canadian apiaries that are powered by solar energy and use their byproducts for fuel. Our beeswax is obtained during the honey harvesting process and undergoes a thorough 2-stage filtering process to remove impurities while maintaining its purity.


Our candle making process is completely natural and free of chemicals, additives, lead, or zinc cores, and we only use cotton wicks.

We are committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging materials whenever possible. Our packaging materials, such as cardboard, paper fill, and corrugated wrap, are carefully selected to minimize our environmental impact. However, to protect our fragile taper candles and prevent them from sliding, we occasionally use foam sheets as layers. While our tealight and votive packaging may have small plastic windows, we are proud to be a mostly zero-waste product!

Our Packaging Process

labels being applied to candles
candle wrapped in tissue paper
candle rolled in corrugated cardboard

We begin by labelling the candles using fully recyclable labels.

corrugated tube wrapped around candle

Next, the candle is rolled in kraft tissue to protect its surface from scratches or bumps.

The tissue-rolled candle is then rolled in corrugated cardboard for shock resistance during shipping.

candles wrapped and ready to be packed in box
candles packed in box

The ends of the corrugated tube are folded in to protect all sides of the candle. This protective layer keeps everything packed tightly and safe from any damages during shipping.

We finish packing all the individual candles before packing them into a shipping box.

All the wrapped candles are tightly packed into a corrugated box and any empty gaps are filled with packing paper. 

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