Why should you switch to beeswax? What are the health benefits? Is it worthwhile to spend more money on beeswax? Read below to learn about all the unique and distinctive properties of beeswax that you won't find in any other candle. 

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Why should you switch over to beeswax? We receive this question from many of our customers, and the simplest answer is that beeswax is by far the healthiest option for burning candles. 

Beeswax is the purest of all candle waxes therefore beeswax candles burn cleaner than any other candle and naturally purify the air of dust, mould, and other allergens. Scented paraffin wax candles on the other hand release chemicals when burned, leaving an overpowering smell which can cause headaches. 


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way to go

The process of creating paraffin wax begins as sludge on the bottom of crude oil barrels. From there, the black sludge undergoes a bleaching treatment carcinogens 

benzene and/or toulene. In addition to the chemicals that are already inside of this toxic wax, chemists will then add colours and fragrances to enhance the appeal of the wax. In the end, you have an innocently looking candle, however it actually contains 7 documented toxins, 2 of which are carcinogenic when burned. Now imagine burning this in your home and breathing it in every day. Make the switch to beeswax, it will improve your health!


Natural is the way you want to go. We have customers that burn our candles to alleviate asthma and migraines. Natural scents, derived from essential oils, are the best way to cleanse the air in your home. 


Purely Simple

We have many retailers that sell our products all over Ontario, Canada. If you prefer to buy candles in store, or would prefer to have your candle faster, please see our list of retailers. 

Benefits of Beeswax


Burning beeswax is healthy for you and the environment. When burned, beeswax purifies the air naturally of dust and mould. It is a great product that gently freshens the air with the smell of honey.


Our candle studio is heated with the heat that is generated from our melting tanks, reducing our environmental footprint. Furthermore, all scrap beeswax is filtered and then reused for new products.


We are a Canadian Company, sourcing our wax only from Canadian bee farmers. When you buy from us, you support local small businesses and farmers in Ontario and Canada.

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