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Beeswax candle making is a very precise, time-consuming process. At the Wicked Bee, we create smooth, contemporary-shaped candles.


Traditionally, beeswax candles were made by dipping wicks in large vats, currently modern techniques and simplified processes allow us to make candles faster with more consistent shapes, without compromising quality and purity. 


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"Lighting the aromatherapy jar candle in lavender is like entering a spa. I was first introduced to these candles as a gift from a dear friend and I have stocked up since! The lavender scent is herbal and so soothing. I have even lit it in the middle of a workday to bring a sense of calm. The jars are beautiful and bring a simple beauty wherever they are in my home (I keep them in several places!). These Wicked Bee candles will forever be a staple in my home!"


"Thanks so much for such a high-quality product!! I love these products and am so thrilled that you are a local business"


Aromatherapy Collection

Browse through our amber jar collection,

beeswax infused with all natural 100% pure essential oils.

Check out our great selection of natural, lavender, lemongrass, and cedar scented jars.

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